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What is the best way to choose an International School in Bangkok Thailand?


There are many ways to go about choosing an international school in Bangkok and below are a few key points for you to consider.


Choosing a school with the best teachers possible should be your number one criteria.  Teachers are the vessel between your child and their future.  With proper nurturing and guidance from a teacher, a student can flourish and become the best they can be.  You’ll want to ask questions when conducting your visits to schools about the staff.  Find out the credentials of the teachers and try to make a decision based on what your child will respond to.  Maybe he or she works better with a strict teacher of one that will push them to achieve goals etc.


A schools’ Curriculum is key to what your child will have the opportunity to learn.   Choosing a curriculum in an international school Bangkok Thailand is an important step.  You’ll want to make sure the school offers the right courses of study to propel your child into a thriving situation.  Perhaps you may want your child to take certain courses to prepare them for their major in college.  Your choices are American, British, and International Baccalaureate(IB).


In Bangkok, there is a heavy amount of traffic and picking an international school that is conveniently located will make your life much more enjoyable.  You may want to cut down on commuting time which will free you up for other things.  Things you enjoy doing like reading or having dinner with family and friends or catching a movie.  Perhaps a long commute is ok for you and you’d like to live outside of the city?  You can choose that too.  One great thing about coming to an international school of Bangkok are the many choices


Gong through school should have more to it than just hitting the books.  A student should experience extracurricular activities like being involved in events and supporting charities while learning how to work well and socialize with others.  This is a tool that will benefit your young pupil for the rest of their life and is one that shouldn’t be taken for granted. 

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